Friday, July 3, 2009

Fort Point Block Party Invite Concepts Sara, Jaime

Ok, so here are the 3 sketches for the invite card. The top one was the last concept I came up with. Kind of a more in your face literal concept. The middle one is more suggestive, if you look closer there is a visible figure in the reflection of the petanque balls. The last one is sort of somewhere in between. I was thinking that I would use my own hand for the cursive, and then some art deco fonts for the FORT POINT, TOURNAMENT, and BLOCK PARTY. Keep in mind that these are just sketches and I will fill them out so there in no empty feeling space AND will make them to fit the dimensions of the cards that you would want to be printed. Any suggestions you have please send me back by email and anything you want to change I am totally willing to work with you. Thanks again for commissioning me for my first job post school!

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