Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Stuff

So this is just some stuff I did really recently. The girl is for fun kind of, I think I'm going do have it printed really large and give it to someone for xmas. The sketchbook stuff is 2 different days, the weird stuff with the girls is from environmental science class.....fucking boring, but the drawings I did during class came out all right, sometimes during a boring class is my best shit comes out. The one of the guy in front of McDonald's I did while I was waiting for the bus in Allston. The one on the bottom with the weird shadow figures was while I was on the bus. Someone was watching me draw it and they seemed interested but they didn't say anything. I can't tell if I like when someone is watching or hate it, maybe both. I donno heres my rant check it out whatever bla bla bla............

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Black and White Stuff

So here I am, I'm supposed to be working today but lucky me got sick twice in one month's span of time. So instead of going into work, I called in sick, and here I am blogging it up. Maybe I'll do some drawings today? I donno, this is bullshit. There is a huge staff party tomorrow night and I really want to be well for it, so hopefully, by some miracle my health takes a huge turn for the better. In the meantime, black and whites from the Andy Fish pieces, and this sketch I did of a girl the other day.

Andy Fish's Class

Andy Fish's Class in a nut shell