Monday, June 7, 2010

Captain America vs. Hitler

Space 242 has a show this month called Good vs. Evil. I had been working on this Cap. America Piece for a while and sort of abandoned it until I saw the call for artists for this show. It kind of fit the theme perfectly. I didn't finish the background as much as I would have liked, but it's already been accepted as is so I'm going to leave it in case that's something they like about it heh.


Anonymous said...

I dig this piece a lot.
I think the limited background works for it.
What size is it?

Gregery Miller said...

I agree with Andy, looks great man. All you're missing is Wolverine fighting along-side captain America... that happened, right?

Massi said...

it's small, it's like 11x12 or so. it's on a 11x17 piece of paper that I was going to add another panel to but just decided to crop and leave..... thanks for the comments!

Sean McCabe said...

so sick