Wednesday, October 7, 2009

random drawings

I did this over the passed couple days. I didn't sketch or anything before hand, I just went at it randomly. Some parts work and others don't, I did a lot of improvising to try and fix mistakes but it didn't always work out. I think I'm definitely gonna make more things like this for practice. Lemme know what ya think............
I just realized there are weird "$" water marks all over it. Ignore those, its because I'm using a trial version of my scanner software and it ran out.

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Andrew G. Meyer said...

Mossi, when you sketch like this I am always imagining a narrative in your imagery. This one is about a gang of New York corrupt carnival clowns who can't make enough money in "the business", and resort to street violence, robbery, and drug trafficking. If you find interest in making it into a more storyteller sketch, try out words and phrases, or even thought bubbles, or even just try one with a word in it to describe the scene. Either a separate entity like a thought bubble, or something that is part of the scene, like a cloud, or something written on a building, or on a piece of clothing.