Thursday, March 26, 2009

self portrait.

incase you didn't catch my arrogance on facebook..... HERE IT IS. anyway about this piece. I don't know if anyone actually reads this stuff but I need to talk about this. I don't wanna come off as arrogant or obnoxious, but i think this might be one of my most "complete" pieces. I usually have a really hard time bringing something to a finish but this is very close. My only regret is that i didn't resolve the earlobe or the mouth. I feel like both of those aspects are a bit out of context, espescially the mouth. it's just not quite mine. I really struggled for this piece. I had to redraw my face at least 6 times before i even put any real paint down. I wish i could get into the same mindstate that i was for this with all of my work.....anyway i'll probably look back and think this is a piece of shit in a week or two, but as for now, i'm semi proud......

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